Five reasons a new mom should dance

I have always loved to dance, you know, like since ages!

Dance is Ecstasy for me…Yes E c s t a s y is the word! It connects me to “myself”.

I remember as a child, I would watch someone dancing on T.V. & would run immediately and start following. It was then, that I developed so much passion for dance. I had then decided I would try to follow it all my life.

I’m a trained Kathak (A classical dance form of Northern India, known for its graceful postures, various facial expressions, &  excessive footwork) dancer. I also love Bollywood and Fusion dance forms.


My Story post Delivery:

I delivered my baby in February last year and it was unbelievable and overwhelming when I first saw her. I for that matter was mesmerized by His creation, as I fall short of words to express that beautiful feeling. But as it was my first, it was, at the same time– tough!

I was happy, holding, cuddling the baby, watching her grow, but only a mother knows that it comes with its tiny little side effects. I had a C-sec delivery, and postpartum depression followed…sleepless nights with breast feeding…sigh! was a roller coaster ride.

I was realizing things are no more in my hands, managing the baby, household, and whatever time is left —> Eat & Sleep. I was left with nothing else.

I had forgotten my real self!      Who     was      I???

Until 3 months, when I decided to turn the table around, take the charge of the things, and start doing what I like.

So I decided I would do it. I would——-> dance it out!!

Here are the five reasons you should dance soon after delivery (at least after your gynecologist allows u to!! & you are able to learn the art of managing and taking out time from your busy schedules)
1) Feel Ecstatic –

sheer joy of being, or Trance as many would agree with me. You can be one with dance and leave everything else behind.

2) Shape up soon, post delivery-

Not that we are ashamed or feel sorry of our body postpartum, but if its easy to get back to shape, Why not!!  Dance is a very good form of exercise, you can decide which form you like, and start doing it.“Enjoy+shed “ ….win-win situation isn’t it?

3) Give yourself some “ME” time-

It is important to take out time for yourself, introspect, do what you want (no don’t run away from your responsibilities, but manage TIME). A new momma is a full time job, so mommas take out some time for yourself!

ME time is sometimes the best time.

4) Do something else apart from your usual routine-

Break-free from your routine work and start doing something else, it also will act as a stress buster and make you feel fresh all day long, mentally & physically.

5) Pass the legacy on

Even your baby can follow you in your footsteps. Advantage of dance is that you can do it at home, if you are trained- good, if you are not , no worries you can still shake a leg!, no one is watching!!..

Moreover you’re baby can also join you in some time, and you both can have some fun time together.

We all love a bit of Musical environment at home, and some dance to go with it even a few minutes a day cheers you up, especially when you need it the most, being a new Mom.

So mommas switch on your favorite music, put your dancing shoes on, & see the magic unfold!

P.S.- Please take a good and balanced diet. A new mom needs it, and a mom who dances need it more!

Disclaimer- Please discuss it with your Gynecologist before putting yourself to a dancing schedule.

Below is my latest dance performance which I did 1 year after delivering my baby. I’m in the center and the  dance is choreographed by me 🙂

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