Turmeric based DIY body wash for your baby

When I gave birth to my little one, I was awed by how delicate the skin of my baby was. I wondered  how could I use any body wash or soap on her skin, which is so soft. According to a research 30 to 50% of what is applied to a new born’s skin, is absorbed in  her body. How true or not, but something to think about for sure!

In India they say you shouldn’t use soap on the baby till she’s 1 year old, especially the Grandmas, and their experience is quite helpful.
So how should you bath your little one?
I’m sharing this age old formula, taught by generations of Grandmas, which is just perfect for your Baby. It is Turmeric based Body-wash.

Recipe: Take 1 Tablespoon of Besan (flour of split Bengal gram, or commonly known as Gram flour) and add a pinch of Turmeric. Add 2 tablespoons of milk to it. Mix well and prepare a semi-solid consistency. Apply over baby’s skin before bathing with lukewarm water.

Turmeric besan collage.jpg
The Besan acts as a cleansing agent. Milk will help the skin to remain soft and damp. We all know quite well about the antiseptic properties of Turmeric.

For Vegans, you may use either Soy / Coconut milk instead of Cow’s milk or one can use water instead of milk. That should also be Ok.

The best part is you are using all edible stuff which is sure not to harm your little one. Just take basic bathing precautions. Water temperature, careful of eyes, nose, ears etc.

Mommas to use their basic motherly instincts – It should be avoided in extreme cold conditions as it has a cooling effect, and in cases of baby’s illness like fever etc. This shall not be used as a shampoo though.
My baby is over an year old and I’m using this for bathing her ever since. I’m so stunned by its effect that I have actually started to use it for myself( afterall Momma also needs pampering). My skin is dry and it works wonders. Swearing on it!!

That’s the reason I thought I should jot it down and let everyone know about it.

For Summers I use lukewarm milk, and during Winters I use more creamed milk and slight high temperature to counter the dry weather.

I expect the Mommies to try it for their Babies and let me know how it worked.

Disclaimer – You are free to take my advice or drop it. It suited my baby so I’m sharing it. If you wish to – Use a drop or two on the skin of your baby for trial before you use it for bath the next day.

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  1. Hello From India! Great post (y) Turmeric is on the most important home remedies for skin lightening ( which is good for blemish, hyperpigmentation, etc) and also it can be used as antibiotics since the ancient time.

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