The Ethnic Attire to go for, this marriage season!

India has the Summer Marriage season at its doorstep and we are in a fix! What apparel is most suited for our little ones? Something which will look great but at the same time is not too straining for the baby.

I have often seen both the mother and the baby wearing heavy attires, is that what your little darling deserves?

Should she be wearing a Chaniya Choli and dupatta (an Indian form of flared skirt with top and a stole)? Nope! How will she dance it out with such multi layered outfit, it will irritate her often, and make her cranky rather than making the ceremony enjoyable.

Okay! Then she might wear a fancy looking sequin dress. She will look stunning in that indeed. Hell no! In this scorching heat, it will take away all the happy moments from her.

Then its best to make her wear the top with a pair of leggings. Nay! That will be comfortable but it will look very casual and she won’t stand out in the crowd.

Let’s keep it ethnic yet comfortable. Stylish yet elegant.

Fabindia solves all my problems. An outfit which will look ethnic yet classy and let my little one enjoy the weddings this summer.

She wears a Salwar Kameez / Kurta (a kameez / kurta is a long top, salwar is comfortable wide pants tapered at the bottom), from Fabindia. The kurta is pure silk with a cotton lining and salwar is pure cotton. The red crochet accessory handmade by her grandma gives that edgy look to the dress. The red bindi from her mommy’s wardrobe makes her look even more cute.

So this festive season, select a dress of ‘breathable’ fabric, that is ethnic in looks yet comfortable to wear. This would enable you too to concentrate on the fun rather than running around changing her dress(es) often and keeping her calm.

I’m complimenting her with a pista green georgette Sharara (flared pants) from a local designer. Not to say the red bindi to match.

Hope you liked my second blog post. Let me know your feedback and if any special topics you want me to write on, I’d be glad to have a shot.




33 Replies to “The Ethnic Attire to go for, this marriage season!”

  1. It is so important to make sure that your little one is comfortable in whatever outfit you put them in! I hope that when my son has to go to a wedding or party I will be able to find a comfortable yet appropriate outfit. Thanks for this post!


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