White is Right, this Spring!

Hey there! This being my first blog post I feel excited and nervous at the same time. I’m a scientist by profession and a dancer at heart but a fashion lover and shopaholic at all times.

I love to get up, get ready and get going, a fast paced life is what I love and live!!

So here I’m, writing on what to have in your and your toddlers’ closet when you are a working Momma and leading a fast paced life balancing work and family.

What inspired me to write a blog on what your baby must be wearing is the incidence:

A few days back while I was travelling to Goa, on arrivals at the airport this sight was really uncalled for!

A baby crying her heart out, I couldn’t take my eyes off those rosy cheeks and the pink shimmery mutli-layered dress!!…Any novice could tell the reason for the state of the poor child!

When we travel we always keep in mind to be dressed in the most cool and cozy attires. I can’t digest why the same can’t hold good for a young one. Gone are the days when Gaudy was Great, Satin was Suave and Frills were deemed Festive!!

I have loved the vibrant colors and designs for the various baby wear clothing and love to dress my daughter in them. Spring comes in and comes with it the happy prints and florals. While every mom is busy buying a pink floral dress for her little princess, I’ m rather picking this white dress for my little one from h&t.


What has always been my first priority when buying something for my kid is–comfort. She should feel free and the outfit must be easy-breezy. The biggest problem is that babies can’t express whether they are comfortable in what they are wearing. No blaming others but I have often seen parents making their kids wear those frill frocks and those tight fitting outfits. Sometimes we don’t even realize that they are not happy wearing them, no denying it looks good but alas!

I always keep a few things in mind while buying baby clothes:

1) They should not be very tight in fit, should be airy.

2) The top/T-shirt should have big necks or should have buttons in shoulders so that your baby doesn’t get fussy when u make her wear it.

3) The material should be cool preferably cotton.

4) If there is any embroidery on the dress/shirt, it should have a cotton lining on the inside so it doesn’t cause irritation on the baby’s skin.

So, this spring, a white which is absolutely right for my darling daughter is what I have made her wear so that she can enjoy the springs away in comfort and vogue. The dress is of hakoba, which is an age old fine form of embroidery done in yarn and looks very elegant and sober. The dress is made of fine cotton and has a very thin mul cotton lining which makes the bubba feel super comfy and elegant at the same time!

To complete the look she wears a beautiful headband from hopscotch.in and those pretty and classy shoes are from Mothercare.

After dressing her up, I suddenly realize I also want to look like her at least a little!! So here I’m trying to match with my daughter’s outfit I’m wearing a lace dress from Only. I paired them up with black boots for a chic look.

I hope you enjoyed reading the write-up if you are a new momma/ diaper daddy, or planning kids, have kids, or single and reading it for fun:)

Please share the post and leave suggestions/comments below.

Much Love.


34 Replies to “White is Right, this Spring!”

  1. The kind of material in ANY clothing that I purchase for my kids is a BIG deal. My daughter (almost 5) can’t stand anything that has the slightest bit of “itchy” on it. That means no sequins and NEVER the material that tutus are usually made of. Usually she wears cotton everything and although you may think cotton is boring for dresses, I have been quite surprised at what I have found that is FANCY and cotton 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on your first post! It is wonderful! 🙂 I love the tips that you use when buying clothes for your daughter. Comfort is always a priority when I am looking for clothing for my son! You both look so pretty in your matching dresses…how fun! 🙂

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  3. Comfort is #1 thing for me as well when buying clothes for my boys. Cotton is definitely our choice. Beautiful dresses you and your daughter are wearing btw. Good luck with your blog!

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  4. I love the crisp, clean look of white! But my son loves to chew on his hands and drool all over his clothes LOL but I do always put him in light cotton clothing, especially since we live on a tropical island so it’s never cooler than about 70 degrees! Thanks for this fun post and the adorable picture! And kudos on your first blog post! =)

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    1. Yes @Melody agree with you completely. These are little joys of motherhood:) but i hope you would agree baby’s comfort is more important and light colors become so very necessary.Thanks anyways for stopping by. See u soon


  5. I fully agree with your top about buttons or bigger necks for tops! Both my kids (bless their hearts) have big heads. Getting shirts off and on them has always been a struggle. Like for instance some shirts I could lift my son up by the short trying to get it off of his head. Poor thing! I make it a must for button shirts or bigger necks.

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  6. Nice tips but i keep the hell away from white coz all my girls gifted whites have gone dirty to the point that I cannot even wash it off. But comfy and cotton are what i choose, never branded as they outgrow it soon! 🙂

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